dijous, 24 de març de 2011


mirades no miren pas,
sense escoltar a l'oïda,
contacte sense tacte,
perfums inolors i plens d mocs,
gust perdut en la memòria d'alguns antics savis...

...on són?

el vent se les pot endur sense miraments;
la terra en pot ser testimoni immòbil;
lletres cremades q no esborren memòries;
paper mullat...

...què són?

...amb paraules;
em sento acompanyada,
anhelo compartir-ne,
en fi, estimo

i jo aprenent a viure!
dls savis,d la gent corrent,d tu;

agraïnt incondicionals paraules regalades
com les d'un jove savi:
el meu esperit es transforma i es manifesta
amb paraules...
'vos estim a tots igual'.

NÜNÚ xxx

amb paraules m'agradaria fer-vos arribar el meu agraïment, aconseguir donar el significat al q sento amb paraules .
encara q, sigui com sigui, les paraules limitin el significat...estimo les paraules, d les q en sou part important, per això us les dedico, fet amb el cor i les meves mans (com diu una sàbia amiga/germana) i jo hi afegeixo q ho faig com a esperit; esperit lliure...

X TU...
AL xxx


LA VEU (roc)...

com a mare,
com a pare,
com a persona;

paraules q emocionen.
les repeteixo pensant com sonen amb la teva veu,
veu profunda i meravellosa...
la q et fa especial.


NÜNÚ xxx



molts records retrobats,
joies de paper i tinta,
(biblioteca popular-valls)
NÜNÚ xxx

dimecres, 23 de març de 2011

ART x Nºs = ...?

10, 3, 47 songs? minutes...???!!!!....it depends on the artist and/or album! and, the most important thing i ask to myself: isn't it up to the artist /s to do whatever he/she/them feel like doing??? please, enlight me!! i'm probably too innocent and not a professional in this subject but as a woman i nlove with music and art...i just listen what i love, when i feel it to and never trying to count or translate music into numbers. xxx

thank you @@@, i know and agree in the importance of what you mentinoned. behind any piece of art there are numbers and time and feelings and wills and many other aspects, which are more vital than important. my opinion is not based o...n science, just built on emotions and i like to belive that we are all the same and unique at the same time, so...
jay-jay johanson (poison): 14 songs / more than 40 min
lluís llach (poetes): 15 songs / more than 40 min

my remark...?
the final result (if we are talking about ART)...
the author wants it to be,
to share, for love;
the final result in ART...
has freedom;
numbers could turn art into business,
not just a way of life...
and then we wouldn't be talking about ART,
it'd be something else
(which i have some knowledge of,
understand just enough,
respect and take into account).

NÜNÚ xxx

art is everywhere, everyting...and i love maths.
when an artist is conditioned by a mecenas or a customer..the freedom of this artist is not as fresh and natrual. anyway, let's leave it here, cause we both love art (as far as i can see) and... more or less agree. i'll think about your words and get more info to b able to accept or refuse this 'rules' or 'patterns'...
@@@, we should b friends, but it'd take so manyhours to write down our opinions that facebook would b collapsed (specially KC, for using the wall to have this debate!).
thank you very much and speak soon (about sth else, please...jajaja!) X